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4 Functional Building Types

Climate Controlled Automated Storage

  • Area: 220,000 ft2
  • Height: 18m
  • Temperature control and monitoring
  • Humidity control and monitoring
  • Fully automated storage with manless operation
  • 7×24 monitoring

Sub-zero Temperature Automated Storage

  • Area: 38,000 ft2
  • Height: 15m
  • Freezer Storage (-18ºC)
  • Temperature control and monitoring
  • Fully automated storage with manless operation
  • 7×24 monitoring

Co-working Logistic Services Processing Centre

  • Area: 73,000 ft2
  • Height: 15m
  • Flexible Storage that meet your needs
  • Cost Effective, just pay for the space you really need
  • Scalability, can always upgrade or downgrade your service according your real needs
  • Forget about long term commitments
  • Easy to use software that allows you to keep control over your inventory

Multi-purposed Partitioned Storage

  • Area: 54,000 ft2
  • Height: 15m

4 Categories of Logistics Technology


WMS & WCS System

WCS interacts with WMS to manage and drive full automation and semi-automation equipment in the entire warehouse.


Unmanned Warehouse

Fully automated secure unmanned storage operation、RFID cabinet、pallet & tray tracking and Mobile reservation.


Unmanned AGVs

AGVs and unmanned truck can automatically decelerate and accurately stop at the scheduled parking position.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAV operation control system solving the problems of logistics and transportation under various special scenarios.

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Co-engineered with KLE

KLE (Kerry Logistics Engineering Ltd) is an affiliated company of KERRY Group.

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