Storing the Future

Comboxx Group was formerly a company focused on development of real estate projects. In addition to warehouse property investment, Comboxx also participates various projects of market property revitalisation investment. Comboxx Group’s long-term goal is to optimize assets as a strategic mean to create the incremental value of assets. In the past, it mainly used real estate development to enhance the value of assets. However in future, the Group expects to further create the value by applying revolutionary technology. “Storing the Future” is our motto towards Comboxx vision.

Comboxx SuperHub One is the fully automated logistics warehouse occupies area of over 200,000 square feet. The warehouse is a single-story building with ceiling height of 18 meters. It will be the first and largest automated logistics warehouse in Hong Kong, and expected to implement by the 4th quarter of 2020.


“Storing the Future,
Beyond Disruption and Creation”


“We exist to provide our customers and
partners supreme quality services and
value that to well prepare for the future
business ecosystem through
Storing the Future,
Beyond Disruption and Creation


“To become the revolutionary
industry market leader in
Asia through integration of multi-facet
intelligence and leading thought
logistics and FinTech innovation.”


Comboxx Group Limited is the largest fully automated warehouse and logistics technology company established for the roadmap of Fintech, Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 in Hong Kong. Through Blockchain technology, asset innovation and integration of Artificial Intelligence into actual business scenario, Comboxx creates various opportunities towards Fintech and Smart City roadmap.
Comboxx works closely with Kerry Logistics and ImpactInvest – the key strategic partners which building up a global big data and a highly strategic blockchain ecosystem aimed at providing financial service to create a safe, efficient and compatible warehouse, logistics and trade finance infrastructure network in Hong Kong and China.